December 22, 2021

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Behind any business you'll find the people that work to make a vision real. Your team has various skills and roles in your company and they often interact with external resources that help them achieve the company's goals. Having everything aligned and working frictionless is a desire that many entrepreneurs have.

Your needs

  • A well organised system that will help you be more productive and save time.
  • Digital teams that bring results for a growing company.
  • Team coordination and a MAP (massive action plan).

The process

Describing the actual process. How it is delivered, the tools and ingredients involved.

  1. We are starting with a team alignment workshop. This will bring clarity for all team members, both internal and external, to the brand's goals, mission and values.
  2. We're packing the goals into measurable OKR - objectives and key results. We assign the ownership to the key people responsible for accomplishing each specific result.
  3. Once the team is aligned on vision and objectives are set, we can migrate the relevant internal and outsourced flows into a cohesive strategy in the Notion hub.
  4. The resulting macro vision is a full overview of the following quarter's action steps and deliverables provided by the internal team and external resources.

The tools that we'll use are:

  • as a single source of truth for the whole team - we'll set up a dashboard fit to your business model
  • 3 online workshops using collaborative tools (Miro or FigJam)
  • Team alignment → common mission and goals
  • Brand essence extraction → OKRs flavoured with your brand's secret sauce
  • Frictionless flows → seamless communication and delivery
  • Cloud storage for heavy media assets (Google Drive or similar)

Company dashboard overview

  • Plan
  • Business Model
  • Goals & Objectives
  • Company Profile
  • Value Proposition Canvas
  • Company OKRs
  • Company Culture Map
  • Team Alignment Map
  • Grow
  • Marketing (Plan & Content Strategy)
  • CRM

Expected results

  • Clarity around all the digital business processes
  • Aligned information in a single source of truth
  • Mapped objectives and key results to the resources
  • Accelerated growth with measurable results
  • Ownership and know how transferred to the internal team

Practical examples

  • Business
  • OKRs are used and recommended by many iconic companies. Having OKRs properly integrated into your business, you'll get a QOQ and YOY overviews that will help you take better decisions and actions.
  • Your bandwidth is valuable and therefore we're looking at clearing your time spent on back and forth, fragmented information and useless meetings. The initial effort will generate additional time for you and your team
  • Expected business results are around: more actionable insights, clear bandwidth for scaling, clear processes for all actors involved
  • Marketing
  • Your internal resources will own their projects and tasks. They know the boundaries that are set with the external resources and ensure that every project is handled.
  • Onboard fractional teams for well defined projects that will complete your internal team.
  • Tech
  • The tech stack is supporting your brand in growth and scaling. It's essential that the tech team will be aligned with the business and creative team.
  • Making a clear distinction between bare tools and the platforms where the team needs to work on to make an impact.
  • Creative
  • A central point of communication to ensure long term cohesion of your brand communication. All creative output (text, visual, audio) handled in alignment.
  • Creative output that speaks for the brand and triggers the audience to empathise with you

Next steps

  1. Plan the next Q
  2. Align the team for growth
  3. Add documentation in the Notion hub
  4. Start working on the defined projects


We believe that business success is about creating clarity in your strategy and sticking to it. Our  team will help you create a customised strategy that works for your needs and we'll provide the resources to help you get the best results. Ditch the chaos with our proven MAP and save time on your meetings, campaigns and coordinating efforts.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

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