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You don’t want your business venture to be a dud. All new businesses start by figuring out what they are going to do - and with our digital business templates, you'll find many different options for getting started!

Our templates collection includes many business models for you to choose from: social media, e-commerce, webinars, course platforms, marketing, apps, small business websites. You can also create your template, bring in your team, and extend it with Silverbacks. We're proud to work with amazing curated talent from the Silverbacks community.

Blueprints for Start-ups and Small Businesses

Plug into our digital business templates for a better outcome. Our templates are curated by Silverbacks, ready for your needs.

Do you work in digital? Creative, tech or operations?

Artificial Intelligence

You find talented people to work with through connection algorithms.


You pay lower fees than most of the platforms.

Virtual teams

You'll be working with a virtual team that builds your digital business assets.


Prebuilt templates for well-known digital business models.

Do your own

Create your template if you're a growing businesses or need specific work.


Growing your business can be challenging. But you're not alone in this journey as we are here to support your dream.

We are backed by hundreds of people

A customer-centric app built around the idea that many digital business models have been validated by the market. Save up to 80% of your time spent on defining scope, testing the waters with fragmented teams, and trying to get everyone in sync.



Over 500 digital businesses served by our core team.


in managing digital communities

We know digital from the inside: working with digital talent means a deep understanding of culture, needs and expectations. Bridging this with our clients, we've built a reputation on being flexible, responsive to clients' needs and knowledgeable of what works best for their business. This is why so many clients come back to us when they want to "level up" their business with a better connection with their audience.


first blueprints created

We offer them in a fair process. We also provide consultation to our clients so that they can get an idea of what we do and how we work before signing up for our services. We are confident that you will enjoy working with us because we take pride in every project that we take on.


talent onboarded

You will be matched with qualified talent who has the experience and the skills you need for your business model. You can see your virtual team in action for yourself after confirming it’s the team you need!

Silverbacks is focused on simplicity

It works great with Dark Mode with endless experience in low-light environments.

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As a Business Owner find the digital business blueprint for your needs or create your own.


Add to your project resources from the Silverbacks community or bring your own.

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Start working on your digital business. Bring all your digital projects in one dashboard

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